5 beautiful tapestry designs 


Tapestries are our most versatile product.We love the bold way they can transform a space and the joy that comes from using them creatively. Here we take a closer look at the tapestry to answer common questions and bring you new love for its brilliance.

What is a tapestry?

The wall may look very nice, but do you know of a very nice and awesome way to do it? It is nothing but tapestry. It’s a one-of-a-kind way to decorate your walls. Although the market is full of different decorative elements, there is nothing more amazing than a  tapestry. You can hang it in the living room, bedroom, from the ceiling or  any side wall in the house and give it a royal or luxurious touch.

The artist was formerly known as HeavyAF Textile. Historically, tapestries are large woven fabrics that feature an intricate design, like this one! They used to keep the old draughty locks (er, so annoying) warm in the winter by serving as a sort of enlightened insulation. And while woven tapestries are still available in our modern world,  the word “tapestry” now refers to any piece of fabric intended to be hung on the wall. Our tapestries are the complete opposite of bulky, they’re made from a silky, lightweight polyester that, while basically useless for keeping your castle warm (sryyy), is the easiest way to liven up your space.

The wall tapestries are available in a wide range of patterns, designs, and colours, making it difficult to choose. If you are looking for such a wall tapestry, remember to select one in a bright colour that will complement the walls. So, here are 5 different types of wall tapestries that can be used as a perfect wall decoration.

1.Hippie Wall Tapestry

Hippie means a crazy pattern. Hippie tapestries are a joyful way to express the luxuries in your home.It’s a great way to liven up a drab wall with a cheerful print. These Wall Tapestries come in a variety of cool colours and styles. You can choose the best marching Hippie tapestry based on your preferences and the texture of the wall.

2.Omber Floral Wall Tapestry

Another beautiful Tapestry design is Omber Floral. It is a great combination of bohemian and hippie look which compliments your home decor instantly. It can be hung outside your front door, used as a bedspread, tablecloth, ceiling cover, or curtains. It will bring a new energy to a drab area of your home.You can get  Omber Floral Wall Tapestry in any size and design you want.

3. Sun and Moon Tapestry

If you want to add an old-fashioned atmosphere to your home, you can choose Sun and Moon Tapestry. It is one of the most vibrant tapestries to complement any type of room decor. The sun and moon pattern also adds positivity to your home.If you want to add  charm to your home,  you can decorate your home with this tapestry pattern. You appear to have more breathing room.

4. Element Tapestry

Again, if you are looking for something funky and beautiful, you can choose an elephant tapestry. Nothing is  as innovative as an elephant rug.It attracts a lot of attention due to its Rajasthan theme. This Tapestry will bring life to any drab wall. Many people also choose this style because they feel that it has a pleasant effect on those who visit the home.

5. Mandala Tapestry

The mandala pattern is inspired by the spiritual symbols of Buddhism and Hinduism.It’s a beautiful way of representing the universe. This type of mandala is one of the most popular mandalas of all time. Mandalas as a decoration add positivity to the home. Also, it can be found in many different types of patterns and colours. You can choose according to your needs and add drama to your boring space.There are many other tapestries on the market but these are the most popular. You can choose between them and design your home  the way you want. Sometimes people find it difficult to choose between so many options. They are confused and tend to choose the wrong wall covering. Here are some tips on finding the best tapestry for your wall:

Choose according to your budget. Tapestries come in many different price options. So always try to get the most out of your budget.It will help you  save  money and make your home look beautiful.

Choose  to get it from an online store or an offline store: it is available in both offline and online stores. If you cannot trust  online sellers, try to visit the market and choose for yourself.

Choose from different colours and patterns – try to get the best colour and pattern at the lowest price. Also remember to match it to the colour of your wall.Now you know the best ways to get your tapestry.

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