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How to Take Care of Your Running Shoes?

Over time, your favorite pair of running shoes are likely to accumulate a lot of grime and mud. While learning how to clean running shoes isn’t required, taking the time to do it on a regular basis will give your shoes a longer, more usable life. Dirt and mud particles can act as sandpaper on your runners, eroding down the shoe’s structure and possibly causing blisters.

As a result, if you’re serious about running, learning how to clean running shoes and developing appropriate shoe-cleaning habits should be your first priority. It’s not necessary to maintain them looking brand new; that would be far too much effort just to have them get soiled on their next use. However, keeping them clean enough to be practical and pleasant is critical. That’s exactly what this guide will show you how to do.

Running Shoe Types

There’s a crucial distinction to note when it comes to how to clean running shoes and what upkeep they require: the difference between city shoes and off-road shoes. Some people prefer to run on sidewalks and highways, while others prefer to go through the woods or on trails. Some folks desire to do both at the same time!

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How to Care for Your Running Shoes

Most runners follow a precise cleaning protocol for their running shoes, and you should follow it as well. While you don’t have to follow the procedures exactly or in order, make an effort to clean every portion of the shoe on a regular basis. While trail shoes will require more frequent external cleaning than city shoes, both shoes should be cleaned from top to bottom on a regular basis to keep them functional, comfortable, and safe.

Allow Time For Your Shoes To Dry

If you’ve just returned home from a good jog, you’re definitely inclined to immediately clean your shoes with some cleanser. If your footwear is muddy, though, it’s normally best to let the mud dry first. It’s easier to clean off in this manner, and the dirt is less likely to infiltrate and ruin your footwear.

You can start wearing your shoes right away if they are sweaty or soggy, but not dirty. There’s no need to wait because you’ll be wetting them anyhow during the cleaning procedure.

Getting Rid of Dirt and Mud

The next step is to clean any mud and filth off the outside of your shoes, if relevant. It should scrape or brush off easily if you’ve let the mud dry. Use tools such as:

  • Scrub brush with soft bristles
  • Brushing your teeth
  • A sponge or scrubber that is soft

Different brushes and sponges will assist you in reaching mud and debris in various locations. For example, a scrub brush will clean the entire shoe, whereas a toothbrush will clean little crevices that the scrub brush and sponge can’t reach.

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