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Scuba Diving in Goa – A Beautiful Adventure Awaits You


Goa is well known for its amazing beaches.Every year many people visit Goa.Goa has three areas- North Goa,South Goa,Central Goa.One of the most common and most popular water sports in Goa is Scuba diving.One can experience the amazing  marine life during this activity.Many tour operators in Goa offer this whole trip at pocket friendly prices.Grand Island is marked as one of the best locations for Scuba Diving in Goa.The major attractions in Goa are the fort Aguada,wax museum,Basílica,Bom Jesus and the beautiful Churches.There are also some waterfalls in Goa (Dudhsagar waterfall,Arvalem waterfall,Tambdi Surla falls etc).Summer is good for doing this activity.There are a variety of things that one can enjoy during this trip.Spring and winter season is best for your tour.The months from October to March is  the best time for this activity.During the summer season Goa is really hot.Visitor can carry their own swim costume.Don’t  forgot to carry your water bottle.You need to carry swimwear with you.If you carry some comfortable clothes with you then this will be good for you.Proper equipment will be provided including an oxygen cylinder.Here you will be accompanied by certified divers.15 to 20 minutes underwater diving will be your lifetime golden experience.

Dive Sites:

Here in Grand Island You can do swimming too but scuba diving will give you a beyond expectations experience.Here you can try snorkelling, diving, fishing and other joyful water activities.This experience will be unforgettable. This shallow water is perfect for dive.Clear visibility into the water allows you to explore the amazing sea life.Here you can explore some turtles,sea cucumbers,lobsters,and many colourful fishes.

Suzy’s Wreck:

This dive site is really interesting for anyone from beginners to advanced divers.This is a big British cargo ship named SS Rita.In 1950s near the southwest face of Grand Island the ship went down.The wreck is in broken condition.This is 130 metres long ship that is lies in just 5 to 12 metres of water.The depth is 10 to 13 metres.

Now it is a home to many fishes like groupers, batfish and puffers, squid,sweetlips, moray eels, etc.Here you can see barracuda.On the deck and railings you can see scorpion fish.

Bounty Bay:

This dive site is situated north of Grand Island.The depth is 4 to 8 metres.Here you can find a variety of marine lifes like lobster,triggerfishes,many crabs.Sting Rays are seen in this site.The bottom of this site comprises sand,rocks and gravel.


It is situated about 1 km south west of Grande Island.It is a fin like rocky projection.It has an intensity of 8 to 24 metres.You can see the amazing finish life here.Discover large groupers,sharks,moorish,education bannerfish.Diving here is advisable for expert scuba divers because there is strong undercurrents in the depths.The depth is 16 to 24 metres.

Grande Banks:

This is another dive site which is situated near Grand Island.This site is famous for a group of rocks that are exposed.Here you can explore table corals,many Whip corals etc.You will seeBanner fish,butterfly fish,puffers,groupers here.The total depth is 4 to 8 metres.

Davy Jones Locker:

Due to the strong currents in water only experienced divers can dive in this spot.Here you can dive with fishes like tuna,moray eels, barracuda, mullets and schooling jacks. This site is 14 metres in water and this is an amazing site for expert scuba divers.

Shelter Cove: 

Shelter Cove is situated in the north east part of Grande Island.A channel along with rocks,low current,low visibility makes this site more interesting and thrilling.In sandy patch cuttles and squid fishes come to mate.They lay their eggs here.This dive site is suitable for all types diver.

Uma Guma Reef:

This dive site is also a beautiful site for scuba divers.Divers can swim with big groupers, tuna,parrotfish,barracuda,triggerfish,angelfish,porcupine fish,surgeonfish etc.Both experts and beginner divers can dive here.The depth of the water is 10 to 14 metres. This is situated about 6 kilometres from Grand Island.The underwater features make this site more beautiful.You can visit this dive site from the month of October to March.

The Jetty:

This is situated on the northwestern side of Grand Island.It has a shallow intensity which is 8 metres.If you are lucky then you can spot sharks here.Shallow dive lovers will definitely love this place.

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