Top 5 Attractive Ideas to Improve Packaging and Brand Awareness

The tobacco and cannabis industry are a tricky business to be in. It’s not just the government regulations that are tough on companies, but it’s also consumers who are demanding more and more for their money. So, do you want to know what type of packaging improves sales and brand awareness?

This phenomenon means that companies need to boost sales and brand awareness to survive in this challenging market. So, we’ve compiled five ideas for custom cigarette packaging and custom pre-roll boxes (which can raise sales and brand awareness) that you may want to consider trying!

Market Potential in Smoking Industry:

Firstly, we need to talk about the potential in cigarettes and related to the industry. We can see that there is much room for growth because people are trying new things every day. Do you know about business potential in the smoking industry? Below we have shared some researched statics for your information. If we look at the number of smokers in the world today, it’s staggering.

In North America alone, there are an estimated 26 million daily smokers. That is a vast market for any company looking to sell their products. But it is hard to sell openly because of laws and other regulations. Especially pre-rolls are facing more difficulty to increase brand awareness. Do you know? How do you compete with so many different brands? Custom packaging could be one way. Smoking is not new. It is an old industry. The old ways are hard to find, but there is always a new way.

How are Companies Trying to Compete Others?

Some designers have come up with creative new ideas for pre-roll packaging. For example, one design has a custom cardboard box in different colors shaped like the cigarette tube itself. It looks like it’s just been taken out of the factory from its original wrapper, but it is not wrapped at all, so you can see what type of pre-roll you will buy.

Custom packaging can be an attractive way to increase sales and brand awareness. It is not a new idea, but it is always popular because people always look for the latest thing. The best custom pre-roll package design makes you want to buy what’s inside of it without even knowing anything about the product itself. Customization will bring many fortunes to the business. There will be an increase in sales when the package design is colorful and attractive because we know that people love different colors, so they will want to buy it more often if it has good packaging.

You can customize packaging, but you can be the market leader if you tailor them wisely. I want to show you the top five attractive cigarette and pre-roll packaging ideas to enhance brand awareness.

Only Use Quality Materials:

Never be cheap in any way. Use a premium stock for your packaging. It will help promote the product and get people to buy it more often because they know that what’s inside is of good quality. The way a company packages its products is the first impression customers get of it. Make sure that your packaging gives off an experience rather than just information because this will make or break their purchase decision.

The best kind of packaging for pre-rolled boxes? Quality paper to show how good quality and reliability you have on inside! Packaging is a crucial aspect of getting your brand out into the world. Packages should be sturdy and high-quality to protect products during transport. Still, they also serve as advertisements for potential customers who will see them when it’s time to shop!

Use Attractive Shapes and Colors:

What can you do to make your packaging stand out? You want the potential customer’s eye to be drawn to it, and for them not only recognize that they’ve seen the brand before but also remember what it is.

One way of doing this is by using an attention-grabbing shape on your packaging. Pre-roll packaging is a great way to introduce your brand and product in an easy but sturdy manner. It can be hard on the eyes, so you must have pre-rolls designed with attention to detail and mindfully placed graphics. You want people looking at your joint instead of just seeing another weed box!

Custom packaging:

Cigarette boxes should focus on increasing the chance of catching people’s eyes in a store. Using custom designs and shapes can help your company stand out from its competitors. For example, you could use specific colors to accentuate your brand or logo design!

Customization is an easy way for potential customers to remember what they saw before. Next time when buyers see your brand packaging, they will know that they used it back.

Use Natural Designs:

Using this solution for your boxes will make you use only recyclable and natural materials. These boxes come at a low price when compared to other packaging solutions out there. Still, they will help your brand connect with customers emotionally because people care about their health more than anything else these days. Your custom pre-rolls would also make for great giveaways.

The natural materials used in this packaging help the company stay eco-friendly. It would be best if you showed eco-friendliness by your design. Utilizing printing capacity and creativity would be a great way for customers to see how committed you are!

Use Inserts to Attract Buyers:

One of the most important things you have to do when delivering pre-rolls and other cannabis-related products is to ensure they don’t hit any walls. When customers receive their product, it should always be in pristine condition with no mishandling new scents or flavors!

The packaging industry has successfully used paper materials for boxes like cardboard, Kraft board, and bux board because these papers are so durable. These packages are perfect for cigarettes since people can handle them without damaging either themselves or the package. Both smokeless tobacco companies as well as cigarette manufacturers use this type of box often.


Packaging is often the first thing that consumers see when they come across a brand. It’s your chance to make an impact and tell them what you want them to know about your company or product in just seconds, so it must grab their attention.

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