The Best Pressure Transmitters for Natural Gas Monitoring

Microsensor Corp. has crafted a veritable bastion of engineering excellence with their latest creations, the MPM3801, MPM4730, and MPM486 pressure transmitters. These revolutionary devices prove an unerring and incomparable force, offering astounding accuracy, reliability, and unparalleled performance. These masterworks employ high-precision designs and cutting-edge technology to ensure that your pressure measurement needs are met with the utmost precision and reliability, even in the most hazardous environments.

MPM3801 I2C Pressure Sensor

As the magnificent Microsensor Corporation’s MPM3801 I2C Pressure Sensor soars onto the scene, it offers a reliable and accurate solution for all your pressure sensing needs. Its remarkable low-power design makes it capable of measuring ambient temperature and pressure with astounding accuracy, boasting a range of 0 bar to 1000 bar and an overpressure of 1.5 FS or 1100 bar. Not only this, but its accuracy is remarkable, with 0.25%FS (Typ.) or 0.5%FS (max.), a digital output value of 1638 (zero) to 14746 (span), and an incredible 0.2%FS/year long-term stability when supplied with 3.30.1V DC (default) or 50.1V DC.

MPM4730 Digital RS485 HART

The Microsensor Corporation has struck gold with the MPM4730 Digital RS485 HART Pressure Transmitter, a marvel of engineering excellence. Boasting superior performance, accuracy, and reliability, this remarkable device is set to revolutionize the realm of pressure measurement. Its RS485 digital output provides fast, precise readings, while its HART communication protocol allows for seamless integration with existing systems.

Crafted with a sturdily robust design, the MPM4730 is the perfect blend of technology and affordability. It is designed with piezoresistive technology and specialized electronics, offering an accuracy of 0.15%FS across a temperature range of -10 to 80 °C and outputting both analog and digital signals, such as 420 mA, RS485  Modbus and HART protocol.


Again, Microsensor Corp. unveils the MPM486, a pioneering intrinsically safe pressure transducer to revolutionize the industry. Boasting the finest technology, unparalleled precision and accuracy, and a wide range of features, this device is the ideal choice for those seeking to achieve the highest level of pressure measurement. With an adjustable span range, flexible mounting options, and stainless-steel housing, the MPM486 can excel in any environment.

Also, at the heart of this product are piezoresistive design and advanced digital technology. But this is then coupled with temperature compensation and linearity correction, ensuring superior accuracy and performance.

On the other hand, its explosion-proof construction and intrinsic safety make it a dependable choice for hazardous settings. Lastly, the HART-enabled device permits direct on-site configuration. Therefore, when subjected to effortless monitoring, adjustment, and management of process variables, the MPM486 remains perfect.

Wrap up

Microsensor Corporation has outdone itself with its selection of the best pressure transmitters for natural gas monitoring. From the I2C Pressure Sensor MPM3801 to the MPM486 Intrinsic Safe Pressure Transmitter, these devices are sure to set the industry standard for reliability, accuracy, and ease of use.

With their cutting-edge technology, robust construction, and remarkable features, they will revolutionize how pressure is monitored and measured, providing users with the highest level of performance that money can buy.


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