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What Are The Features Of Monthly Income Schemes

Depending on your life goals and family’s needs, you may opt for a monthly income scheme plan. In the current market, there are a number of the best monthly income schemes available, and people should take special care when choosing one.

As an investor, you should evaluate your necessities and requirements before investing your funds in a monthly investment scheme. Investment options that provide regular income through monthly interest payments are known as Monthly Income Schemes (MIS). It is considered a low-risk investment because these schemes provide investors with a steady income stream.

The following are some of the critical features of Monthly Income Schemes:

Regular Income: 

The regular income provided by MIS is one of its main advantages. An investor can receive a fixed interest every month, helping to meet their regular income requirements, or you can use an FD calculator online.

Fixed Interest Rates: 

In most cases, MIS offers a fixed interest rate, which remains constant throughout the investment’s tenure. By doing this, you can receive income with certainty and stability.

Low Risk:

As MIS is backed by the issuer’s creditworthiness, which is usually a government agency or a well-established corporation, they are generally considered low-risk investments.

Short Tenure: 

MIS from Bajaj Finserv is usually a short-term investment, usually between one and three years. Their regular income makes them ideal for investors looking for a short-term parking place for their funds.


Interest earned from MIS is taxed according to the investor’s income tax slab. Furthermore, For interest from MIS exceeding Rs. 10,000 in a fiscal year, TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) is applicable.

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The liquidity of MIS is typically lower than that of other investment options. A premature withdrawal penalty may apply to some Bajaj Finserv schemes, which means that the investor may need to pay the penalty if they withdraw their investment before maturity.

Capital Safety: 

The MIS typically invests in low-risk fixed-income instruments, such as government securities, corporate bonds, and other debt instruments. As a result, the invested capital is protected.

Suitability for Senior Citizens: 

Senior citizens looking for a regular source of income to cover their daily expenses should consider MIS. Pensioners may benefit from MIS’s best monthly income scheme to supplement their pensions.


MIS can be a good option for investors looking to diversify their portfolios and spread their investments across different asset classes.

Fixed Deposits with Banks: 

Investors can receive monthly income from fixed deposit schemes offered by some banks. Fixed deposit schemes like these offer regular income payments in addition to the benefits of traditional fixed deposits.

Risk and Return trade-off: 

Risk and return are always trade-offs in investment, and MIS is no different. The returns from MIS schemes may not be as high as those from equity or real estate investments, even though they offer low risks and regular income.

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Investment Amount: 

It varies from scheme to scheme what the minimum investment amount is for MIS. Some schemes require a minimum investment amount of Rs. 1,000, while others may require a higher amount.

In conclusion, the best monthly income schemes can be a useful investment option for those seeking a steady income stream from a low-risk investment. Before investing in an MIS, it is essential to consider your financial goals and risk tolerance. If you want personalised financial advice, you should consult a financial advisor.

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